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Tennessee Sex Crimes Defense Law Firm

Sex Crimes Defense Attorney in Knoxville, TN

Sex crimes create a distinctive challenge to Tennessee criminal defense attorneys. Most of the public sees sex crimes so horrendous that they believe anyone accused of a sex offense is guilty. At The Law Offices Of James A.H. Bell, P.C, we know that being charged with a sex offense is different than being guilty of a sex crime.

Experienced  Tennessee Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

Nationally prominent attorney James A.H.Bell has had extensive experience defending clients charged with a wide range of sex crimes. Mr. Bell is one of the few trial attorneys that has actually tried to jury verdict a large number of cases involving allegations of sex offenses against male and female clients. Mr. Bell has also been very successful in his efforts to dissuade state prosecutors from bringing charges against his clients, based on investigations performed by his office before the bringing of charges. Mr. Bell has regularly been employed by clients of the following list of sex offenses:

* Child Molestation

* Sexual Exploitation of a Minor

* Internet Child Pornography

* Sexual Assault

* Rape

* Statutory Rape

* Date Rape

* Indecent Exposure

* Spousal Rape

Tennessee sex crimes defense lawyer James A.H. Bell has lectured and presented in five states to national and state criminal defense bar groups on child computer pornography; and to the Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers on the topic of defenses of sex crimes charges.

The majority sexual-abuse and sexual-assault crimes are felonies. Lesser offenses such as public indecency are often misdemeanors. The local prosecutor will decide whether a felony or misdemeanor charge is more suitable under the given circumstances. A criminal defense attorney, if contacted early on during the investigation, may be able to reduce the charges that you face. Each state's statutes provide for different crimes, definitions, punishments and guidelines. A criminal defense lawyer knowledgeable in the laws of your state can help you assess your situation and prepare your defense.

If you have been arrested or charged with a sexual offense, it is important to retain a experienced Tennessee sex offense lawyer with extensive experience defending people charged with such offenses. James A.H. Bell has obtained a positive outcome through trial and has successfully negotiated positive pretrial agreements.

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